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Mental Health

Did you know? Poor mental health is responsible for almost 13% of all sickness absentee days in the UK. Your Flexebee family is here to help your business change that and take care of your staff.

To help increase your staff's knowledge of mental health, we have created a dedicated range of courses, delivered via E-Learning, Webinar, and Blended-Learning solutions.

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Drugs and Alcohol Image

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

Included in our Subscription

Be aware of the dangers and signs and understand how substance abuse affects different people.



Dementia Awareness Image

Dementia Awareness

Included in our Subscription

Understand the different types of dementia and how it affects the patient.



Mental Health Image

Mental Health Awareness

Included in our Subscription

Identify different mental health illnesses and learn the signs and symptoms.



Self-Harm Image

Self-Harm Awareness

Included in our Subscription

Gain knowledge of self-harm and know how to spot the signs to help protect and support those in need.



Stress Awareness Image

Stress Awareness

Included in our Subscription

Learn how to manage stress in the workplace, identify signs and to effectively reduce and prevent it.



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